Interesting facts about orange juice

Orange juice is juice of oranges which is made by squeezing the fruit. In American English, the beverage name is often abbreviated as “OJ”. It comes in several different varieties, including blood orange, navel oranges, valencia orange, clementine, and tangerine. Orange juice is enjoyed throughout the world. In fact, surveys reveal that it is the … Read more

Interesting facts about iced tea

Iced tea or ice tea is a form of cold tea. Though usually served in a glass with ice, it can refer to any tea that has been chilled or cooled. It may be sweetened with sugar, syrup and/or apple slices. Iced tea is also a popular packaged drink and can be mixed with flavored … Read more

Interesting facts about energy drinks

An energy drink is any beverage that contains high levels of a stimulant ingredient, usually caffeine, as well as sugar and often supplements, such as vitamins or carnitine, and that is promoted as a product capable of enhancing mental alertness and physical performance. Energy drinks are distinguished from sports drinks, which are used to replace … Read more

Interesting facts about red wine

Red wine is a type of wine made from the fermented juice of dark-skinned grapes. It has four primary characteristics – color, flavors, tannin levels, and acidity. Its color can be derived from a vast assortment of grape varietals ranging from grapes that are reddish, deep purple, and even a beautiful blue on the color … Read more

Interesting facts about eggnog

Eggnog, egg nog or egg-nog is a rich, chilled, sweetened, dairy-based beverage. It is also known (when alcoholic beverages are added) as milk punch or egg milk punch. Eggnog egg is traditionally made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks (which gives it a frothy texture, and its name). It is served … Read more

Interesting facts about chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is sweetened chocolate flavored milk. It is made by mixing chocolate powder or syrup, sugar and milk. Other ingredients, such as starch, salt, carrageenan, vanilla, or artificial flavoring are sometimes added. Chocolate milk is generally served cold. According to the Natural History Museum in Britain and Wikipedia, chocolate milk was invented by Sir Hans Sloane, … Read more