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  • Interesting facts about corals

    Interesting facts about corals

    Corals are invertebrate animals belonging to a large group of colourful and fascinating animals called Cnidaria. Other animals in Cnidaria group that you may have seen in rock pools or on the beach include jelly fish and sea anemones. About 9,000 living species are known. Various species of corals are found in all oceans of […]

  • Interesting facts about coral reefs

    Interesting facts about coral reefs

    Coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, housing tens of thousands of marine species. With their hardened surfaces, corals are sometimes mistaken as being rocks. And, because they are attached, “taking root” to the seafloor, they are often mistaken for plants. However, unlike rocks, corals are alive. And unlike plants, […]