Interesting facts about Quebec

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Quebec is one of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada and is located in eastern Canada.

It is bordered to the west by the province of Ontario and the bodies of water James Bay and Hudson Bay, to the north by Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay, to the east by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and to the south by the province of New Brunswick and the US states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.

As of March 2019, the population of Ontario was estimated to be about 8.4 million people. It is the 2nd most populous province in Canada.

Quebec is the 2nd largest province in Canada in terms of total area with 1,542,056 square kilometers (595,391 square miles). Quebec is nearly three times the size of France or Texas.

Quebec City is the provincial capital of Quebec and the 2nd most populous city in Canada, with a population of about 500,000 people.

quebec city

Quebec’s topography is very different from one region to another due to the varying composition of the ground, the climate (latitude and altitude), and the proximity to water. The Saint Lawrence Lowland and the Appalachians are the two main topographic regions in southern Quebec, while the Canadian Shield occupies most of central and northern Quebec. More than 90 percent of Quebec’s area lies within the Canadian Shield.

Quebec has one of the world’s largest reserves of fresh water, occupying 12% of its surface. It has 3% of the world’s renewable fresh water, whereas it has only 0.1% of its population.

More than half a million lakes, including 30 with an area greater than 250 square kilometers (97 square miles), and 4,500 rivers pour their torrents into the Atlantic Ocean.

quebec lake

Quebec’s highest point at 1,652 meters (5420 feet) above sea level is Mont d’Iberville, known in English as Mount Caubvick, located on the border with Newfoundland and Labrador in the northeastern part of the province, in the Torngat Mountains.

Quebec has 3 national parks and 27 provincial parks.

Saguenay Fjord National Park is a national park lies along the shore of its namesake fjord. The scenery is so awe-inspiring! In this magnificent spot, nature used its colossal strength to create a fjord. There are so many things to see and do here in winter and summer alike. For example, you can head to Baie de Tadoussac to admire the extraordinary panorama of the boundless sea, but also to see hundreds of migrating birds.

saguenay fjord national park

The Montmorency Falls is a large waterfall on the Montmorency River in Quebec. The falls are located on the boundary between the borough of Beauport, and Boischatel, about 12 km (7.5 mi) from the heart of old Quebec City. The waterfalls are 83 m (272 ft) tall, a full 30 m (99 ft) higher than Niagara Falls.

montmorency falls

Old Quebec is a historic neighbourhood of Quebec City. Comprising the Upper Town and Lower Town, the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded in 1608 Old Quebec are brimming with history and attractions. Samuel de Champlain chose the Upper Town as the site for Fort Saint Louis and the Lower Town for a habitation where its remains can be found with Place Royale as its center.

old quebec

The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, formerly and commonly referred to as the Château Frontenac, is a historic hotel in Quebec City. The hotel is situated in Old Quebec, within the historic district’s Upper Town. Opened in 1893, the Châteauesque-styled building is 79.9-metre (262-foot) -tall, containing 18 floors. The building’s height is furthered, as it is situated at an elevation of 54 m (177 ft). It is one of the first completed grand railway hotels. The hotel was expanded on three occasions, with the last major expansion taking place in 1993. The building was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981.

fairmont le château frontenac

The Citadelle of Quebec also known as La Citadelle, is an active military installation and the secondary official residence of both the Canadian monarch and the Governor General of Canada. It is located atop Cap Diamant, adjoining the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. It is the oldest military building in Canada, and forms part of the fortifications of Quebec City, which is one of only two cities in North America still surrounded by fortifications, the other being Campeche, Mexico.

citadelle of quebec

Aquarium du Québec is a public aquarium located in Quebec City. The 16-hectare (40-acre) facility is home to more than 10,000 animals representing more than 300 species. Among them, polar bear, walruses, and seals will provide you with unique moments. Watch them when they’re feeding or being trained. A fascinating experience for young and old alike!

aquarium du québec

At the time of first European contact and later colonization, Algonquian, Iroquois and Inuit nations controlled what is now Quebec.

The name “Québec”, which comes from the Algonquin word kébec meaning “where the river narrows”, originally referred to the area around Quebec City where the Saint Lawrence River narrows to a cliff-lined gap.

French explorer Samuel de Champlain chose the name Québec in 1608 for the colonial outpost he would use as the administrative seat for the French colony of New France.

samuel de champlain

The province is sometimes referred to as “La belle province” (“The beautiful province”).

The official language of Quebec is French.

The province is remarkable for the natural resources of its vast territory. It has about 30 mines, 158 exploration companies and fifteen primary processing industries.

Quebec is the fourth largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world after China, Brazil and the United States and relies almost exclusively on this source of renewable energy for its electricity needs.

The province has been described as a potential clean energy superpower.

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