Interesting facts about July

July is the seventh month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

It is the fourth of seven months to have a length of 31 days.

July is on average the warmest month in most of the Northern Hemisphere, where it is the second month of summer, and the coldest month in much of the Southern Hemisphere, where it is the second month of winter.

The second half of the year commences in July. In the Southern Hemisphere, July is the seasonal equivalent of January in the Northern hemisphere.

July is named after Roman dictator Julius Caesar (100 B.C.–44 B.C.). Caesar developed the precursor to the Gregorian calendar we use today. Find out the origin of each month’s name.

The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius (known colloquially as the “Dog Star”), which Hellenistic astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck. They are now taken to be the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The dog days are considered to begin in early July.

July 1 is Canada Day, a Canadian federal holiday that celebrates the creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867.

July 4 is Independence Day (U.S.). On the fourth of July, we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Don’t forget to raise the flag! (See American Flag Rules.) See our full Independence Day page and enjoy trivia—plus, refresh your memory on the real meaning of this day.

July 5 is National Graham Cracker Day – Although they might not be the first cookies you reach for when your sweet tooth strikes, the humble graham cracker is needed for s’mores, graham cracker pie crusts, cookies, and even banana pudding with graham cracker crumbles. Graham crackers can give many desserts an extra dose of crunch and sweetness. So pick a graham cracker-centric recipe to make today for National Graham Cracker Day.

July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day – Take this day to enjoy the hot, crunchy goodness of fried chicken. If you’ve never made it yourself before, today is the day to heat the oil and fry it up. Or order some from your favorite restaurant.

July 7 is Chocolate DayChocolate has an almost magical ability to make life better. And eating an ounce of dark chocolate each day actually has some health benefits, including reduced stress and blood pressure. Indulge in your favorite chocolate for Chocolate Day.

July 11 is National Mojito Day – Combining white rum with sugar, lime, mint, soda water, and sugar, this Cuban classic tastes light and refreshing. A mojito is perfect for hot Havana nights or an evening on your porch. So mix one up for National Mojito Day.

July 13 is National French Fries Day – You can pair them with some simple condiments, top them with truffle oil and parmesan, or mash them on top of a juicy burger. Whatever you prefer, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a big pile of fries today.

July 14 is Bastille Day, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution.

July 17 is World Emoji Day – It’s no coincidence this day is World Emoji Day. It’s the date displayed on the emoji for a calendar. From the beloved grimace emoji to the upside-down smiley emoji, there are many ways to emote today.

July 21 is National Junk Food Day – Today you have the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some junk food. Enjoy a doughnut for breakfast, grab some pizza for lunch, or sink your teeth into a juicy burger for
dinner. And don’t forget dessert. After all, National Junk Food Day only comes once a year.

July 25 is National Wine and Cheese Day – Today we celebrate the classic pairing that is wine and cheese. So pick your favorites or try something new to celebrate. Grab your cutest charcuterie board, and get arranging.

July 27 is National Scotch Day – The oldest recorded mention of scotch is from 1494. So you can carry on this centuries-old tradition with a glass today for National Scotch Day. And learn a little bit about how scotch is made while you sip.

July 28 is National Milk Chocolate Day – For all the milk chocolate lovers out there, today is your day. Milk chocolate is sweet, smooth, and creamy. And it makes for the perfect candy bar. Indulge in your favorite milk chocolate candy today, or bake your favorite milk chocolate-centric recipe.

July’s birthstone is the ruby, which symbolizes contentment.

Its birth flowers are the Larkspur or the Water Lily.

The zodiac signs for the month of July are Cancer and Leo.