Interesting facts about grapes


Grapes are botanically classed as berries.

Grapes appear in many colors. White, red, black, blue, green, purple and golden.

There are 60 species and around 8000 varieties of grapes that can be found throughout the world today.

The two main types of grapes are European and American. They come in seedless and seeded varieties.

American grapes are available in September and October, while European grapes are available round the year.

Grape develops on the vine that can reach length of 15 meters (50 feet). One vine usually produces 40 clusters of grape.

grape vines

Grapevine develops snake-like tendrils. They support growth of the plant by binding for the nearby objects and structures.

Leaves are large, green and partially lobed. They have toothed edges.

grape leaves

Grapevine produces small flowers that are arranged in clusters. Flowers contain both male (stamen) and female (pistil) reproductive organs and they are able for self-pollination.

grape blossom

Fruit grows in pyramid-shaped clusters. One cluster contains 75 berries on average.

grape cluster

Grapes berries can be rounded, egg-shaped or elongated. Berries of most types of grapes contain seed.

Grapes consist of about 80% of water, which makes them a low-calorie food.

Grapes are used to help cure asthma, indigestion, migraine, kidnеy disease and fatigue.

Grapes help minimize the risk of heart attacks because they increase the levels of nitric acid in the blood which prevents blood clots.

The sweet and sour taste of grapes enlightens your mood and makes you stress and depression free.

Grapes contain low levels of chоlеstеrоl, sodium and fat and are rich in vitаmins K and C.


Grapes are also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex and carotenes phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Calcium and minerals like copper, Iron, Potassium, Manganese and several antioxidants such as Resveratrol, Anthocyanin and Catechins, which give complete protection against many serious diseases.

Grape seeds, which are edible, are chock-full of antioxidants.

Grape seeds also contain oils which are used in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of skin-care products.

As one of the most expensive fruits in the world, the Ruby Roman grapes are the most expensive. The grapes have been sold at auction for a record of 1 million yen, approximately $8,200, or $315 per berry.

the most expensive grapes in the world

China is the greatest producer of grapes on the planet with 9,600,000 tons  in 2016.

A scientific review published in the journal Trends in Genetics reports that most researchers believe grapes are at least 65 million years old.

With their hieroglyphics, the Ancient Egyptians have left visual traces of eating grapes and drinking wine.

The production of wine from grapes started as early as 5000 BC.

It takes about 1,1 kg (2.5 pounds) of grape for the production of one bottle of wine.

Raisins are dried, sweet grapes. The drying happens naturally when the grapes are left in sunlight.

The grape appears in the top ten of the world’s favorite fruits.

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