Interesting facts about gladiolus


Gladiolus is a genus of flowering plants in the iris family (Iridaceae).

There are about 300 species of gladiolus.

The genus occurs in Asia, Mediterranean Europe, South Africa, and tropical Africa. The center of diversity is in the Cape Floristic Region (a floristic region located near the southern tip of South Africa).


Most of the more than 10,000 named Gladioli cultivars probably were derived from just seven species native to South Africa and first brought to European gardens in the late 17th century.

This is a perennial that is recognizable by its tall flower spikes.

The flowering spike, which springs from a bulblike structure, the corm, reaches 60–90 centimeters (2–3 feet) in height with numerous funnel-shaped flowers all clustered on one side of the stem. There are six petallike floral parts and sparse, swordlike leaves.


It blooms in mid-summer and is available in a multitude of colors.

The gladiolus flower symbolizes honor and remembrance, but it has other meanings too. It can also symbolize the following:
• Strength of character
• Faithfulness, sincerity and integrity
• Infatuation
• Never giving up

Gladiolus is both the scientific and common name for these flowers.

Its name came from the Latin word “gladius which means sword and given the name due to the fact that its leaves and petals are tall, pointed, and long, like a sword.


An ancient name for the gladiolus was xiphium, from the Greek word xiphos, also meaning sword.

Only some gladioli are scented so, for the most part, if you want a sweet smelling bouquet, you might not want to rely on these flowers.

It is interesting that this plant is highly resistant to parasites; the only one that can endanger its breeding is the assault of the puppies that mostly occur during raining days.


There are many biblical references to the lilies flowers, and some believe that some of these references are actually to gladiolus flowers which were common flower sorts in this region.

Gladiolus have been a source of inspiration for artists throughout history including Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

vase with red gladioli

Gladiolus are the flowers associated with a fortieth wedding anniversary.

Gladiolus is the flower of August.

“Gladiolus Rag” is the name of a rag composed in 1907 by Scott Joplin.

“Gladiolus” was the word Frank Neuhauser correctly spelled to win the 1st National Spelling Bee in 1925.