Interesting facts about the tropics

The tropics are regions of the Earth that lie roughly in the middle of the globe. This region is also referred to as the tropical zone and the torrid zone. The tropics are delimited in latitude by the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere and the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere. The … Read more

Interesting facts about rocks

A rock is a naturally occurring aggregate of minerals, and certain non-mineral materials such as fossils and glass. Just as minerals are the building blocks of rocks, rocks in turn are the natural building blocks of the Earth‘s:• lithosphere (crust and mantle down to a depth of about 100 km)• asthenosphere (although this layer, in … Read more

Interesting facts about clouds

A cloud is a visible mass of liquid droplets, frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of the Earth or other planetary body, such as a moon. On Earth, clouds are formed as a result of saturation of the air when it is cooled to its dew point, or when it gains sufficient … Read more

Interesting facts about the Coral Sea

The Coral Sea is a marginal sea of the South Pacific off the northeast coast of Australia, and classified as an interim Australian bioregion. It extends 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) down the Australian northeast coast. To the south it merges with the Tasman Sea, to the north with the Solomon Sea, and to the east with … Read more

Interesting facts about the Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is a desert in North America. It is situated in the Southwestern United States, primarily within southeastern California and southern Nevada. Small areas also extend into Utah and Arizona. The Mojave Desert occupies about 124,000 square kilometers (48,000 square kilometers). It is the smallest of the North American deserts. The Mojave extends … Read more

Interesting facts about the Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is a major tributary of the Mississippi River. It flows trough the US states of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. At 2,364 kilometers (1,469 miles), the Arkansas is the sixth longest river in the United States, the second-longest tributary in the Mississippi-Missouri system, and the 45th longest river in the world. The … Read more

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